By Ajay Goyal

We currently operate in a global economy. Competitors are everywhere for a company, and the barriers of market entry have become significantly low. There is increased competitive intensity; commoditization is occurring at a rapid pace. Companies rise and fall with the customer’s response.

This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes into the picture. CRM is essentially a process of both tracking and analyzing customer interactions with the company. CRM software is a great tool which secures, centralizes and simplifies customer engagement. For an enterprise, having a CRM is quite essential. Hence, enterprise CRM development has become the need of the hour. Let’s look at the distinct reasons behind it.

Creating a Future-Facing Business

When it comes to ERP systems, a CRM is a future view into the revenue stream. It isn’t the historical view of the revenue. CRM looks into the trends and events which are lead indicators of profit and revenue metrics.

Business leaders use CRM dashboards to monitor these leading indicators. They can look at the changes to lead generation as well as opportunity creation. They can also look for pipeline value to find early indicators of potential problems. This allows them to have a proactive approach in business management. CRM development helps in developing such solutions.

For instance, a sales leader will actually have access to a complete sales reporting tool. They will require viewing the activities of salespeople and teams. They can even trace problems that affect the revenues. These problems include customer calling activity, territory coverage, lead conversion rates along with opportunity close rates.

A marketing leader can trace marketing campaigns and activities. He can adjust the marketing plan accordingly to ensure the success of those activities. A customer service leader can see which of the people are most efficient in closing cases. They can be alerted to cases which exceed the total expected time to close. They can monitor escalations, too. A product manager has to monitor cases. It is required to understand product defects and support trends. It also enables a feature request which improves products and services. Hence a CRM software development company has to look at these aspects.

Enabling Business Growth

Prospecting isn’t only a salesperson activity. It is actually a collection of both manual and automated activities. These activities are spread across multiple channels. This results in a lead or an opportunity.

You can easily use CRM to acquire leads through the website. You can also do this with email campaigns, webinars, and conferences. You can then send the leads directly to corresponding salespeople. You can immediately assign leads to reps. It helps in catching the customer ahead of time. You can use the CRM to direct your salespeople. You can assist them in cross-selling as well as up-selling activities. You can also use CRM to identify new market opportunities. You can even use CRM to improve the calling efficiency of your entire sales team.

Improving Risk Management

Sometimes, a customer related to a particular story is left and never contacted back. It happens quite a bit. There is always a sudden account turnover. It results in dropped deals which cause missed sales target. It also leads to dissatisfied prospects who look elsewhere.

Whenever you have a customer service or sales rep turnover, it takes some time. It requires global edit reassignment activity. It also includes territory management functions. It is used to shift both accounts and opportunities to different support and sales reps. It enables the company to offer seamless transfer of responsibilities. A CRM development company can develop a CRM that reduces these risks.

Improving Customer Intimacy

Customer intimacy is essentially an act to tailor the products and services and even customer engagement processes. It is done to fit the customer’s business. For a lot of companies, it is an effective way to compete with others. It assists the smaller businesses to compete with larger enterprises.

CRM can easily capture various detailed information about customers. It can also capture their behaviors. This helps in targeted marketing. It also helps in product development and even sales activities. It can easily allow the business to create a personal touch with the customers. A CRM can offer customers with the particular impression that you understand their needs. It does it in a scalable way. This allows the business to remember the things about the customers at any time. Hence, CRM software development has gained importance in recent times.


You require CRM to make your business more efficient. It increases the revenue per employee. You need CRM to easily create repetitive successful process. CRM can help you in gaining a competitive advantage in this multi-channel customer environment. You can capture the actual interests of the customers who are getting highly sophisticated.

CRM can help in mitigating the risk as well as costs of staff turnover. CRM can be used to engage in a complete cycle of constant improvement. CRM development services indulged in enterprise CRM development can help you in this regard.