No one wants to have a presence for their business online without any engagement; for most business owners the conversation, feedback, and engagement they get from their friends and followers is the most valuable feedback available for their company.

Effective engagement marketing
is key for small businesses to compete and grow in a crowded business place.  Engagement marketing helps business owners connect with their customers in a one-on-one format and gives their happy customers the opportunity to share the products, brands, and services they love with their friends in a very open way.

In order to gain the active engagement they are looking for, small business owners need to have a specific strategy and outreach plan prepared, much like an editorial calendar.

Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the number one place to meet and engage with customers and potential customers.  Facebook has the unique ability to allow your fans and customers to share your updates, images, and videos with their fans in real time.  Part of a successful social media strategy will include incorporating smart Facebook engagement tactics, including the use of images within the social network to drive higher news feed placement.  

Engaging with Twitter Followers

Twitter has long been the king of engagement for business owners, when these owners use smart engagement marketing techniques and do not use the platform simply as a megaphone for their own purposes.  Try these three Twitter engagement tips on your small business account and watch your active engagement grow along with your followers.

Use Pinterest to Engage Followers

Pinterest is the latest social network to catch fire with more than 10 million users (at the time of publishing this article) and more companies are jumping in.  Pinterest, however, is not Facebook or Twitter in terms of engagement with your customers.  While many of the same sharing courtesies extend across networks, Pinterest has become a place for inspiration and discovery for many of its users.  Smart business owners will learn how companies are using Pinterest to engage their users and to attract more followers.

Small businesses are some of the most savvy and smart people out there and they know engagement marketing is the key to growth in their businesses.  How are you engaging your customers online?