By Kath Ramirez

The success of a particular company doesn’t merely depend on the profit it gets from the market. Well, in fact, a good relationship between the employer and his employees can be considered as one of the major keys to open the door of success.

Whether you’re the employee or the boss, you might want to give this article some ample time and find out the reasons why a good employee-employer relationship is a must. Put down everything you’re doing right now and be enlightened with each key points this article prepared for you.

1. Allows Leaders to Take the Lead

First thing’s first, if you’re the boss, break out from the norms – don’t be too intimidating and cruel when it comes to handling your workforces. Instead, be a boss who’s more like a “leader.” Be the one to take the lead and as well as the one who clears the way from company issues.

As the head of the management or one who belongs to the management, you must handle your employees effectively without using violence or dominance. Stand up as the epitome of a good leader to your followers that they’ll have the hunger to be like you in the future.

2. Gives Teamwork a Chance

One reason that a healthy employee-employer relationship is a must is that it creates more effective teamwork between you (the boss) and your employees. You must also keep in mind that teamwork isn’t only between two or more employees. As the old saying goes, “No man is an island” – the more hands to get the work done, success would be more feasible at the same time.

3. Promotes a Healthier and Happier Environment

One of the most common mistakes of some employers nowadays is that they think that dominance is the key to keep the employees working. You might get them to work but if dominance runs in the workplace’s atmosphere, the employees will more likely get to work only because of wages and on.

Whereas, if you break down the barrier between you and your employees, you’ll see the difference in the way they work. The ambience in the workplace will be lighter, livelier and healthier to get everybody to work – you wouldn’t want to work in a boring and fearful workplace, do you?  

4. Enhances Productivity

In a company run by a dominant and a too serious boss, you’ll notice that the workforces are less productive. Why? It’s because fear and unwillingness reign in them instead. You might know the feeling like you wake up on a “Monday morning” every day and it really sucks, right? Just know that’s how they might feel.

But if you’re a good boss who keeps a good relationship with the whole company, you’ll see smiles and willingness each and every day in your beloved workplace. The employees are willingly getting their tasks done on or before the given due. The atmosphere in the workplace isn’t stressful and heavy.

5. Reaches Goals More Effectively

A healthy employee-employer relationship leads to achieving more goals. And you’ll see that if you would choose to be the “nice boss” over “dominant and too serious boss”.

It’s because a healthy employee-employer relationship will more likely result in sharing and exchanging knowledge and ideas that can be used to attain success in every company projects and so on. As a boss, it’s important to open your doors to your employees when it comes to learning more about the business industry. This isn’t only for their sake but for the sake of the company’s success as well.

6. Allows Everyone to Improve

It may not be executed in every company, but it’s necessary that a boss gives attention to his workforces’ personal development. Asking or getting HR support can be something much more appreciated and will lead to better employees’ development.

That means you don’t just put them into tasks for your company’s benefits but might as well for them to find and enter the room for progress. Be the leader who promotes and provides development to employees and faster company progress will be highly visible.

7. Boosts Loyalty and Honesty

If you want to retain or to enhance your employees’ loyalty and honesty not only to you but primarily to your company, then you better work for a healthier and better employee-employer relationship. The more your employees know that you care for them and appreciate them, the more they will be willing to show loyalty and honesty to you and your company.

These are only seven of many reasons why a healthy and good employer-employee relationship must reign in every company. And I hope that this could create a change to you as a boss or as an employee. If you have stories to share, please let us know because we love hearing stories from you.