By Nelly Muradkhanyan 

Despite the popularity of social media as a digital marketing communication channel, email remains the top choice of most business owners. It is why the savviest marketers ensure they have an email list as part of their marketing strategy.

However, some think that having an email list and sending messages is enough to bring them leads and sales. That is not how real email marketing works and implemented. In this article, we will show you three essential tips to get the most out of your email list.

1. Consistently Work on Building a Quality List

Before anything, you need an email list. This list is the key for you to get into a user’s inbox, thereby making communication direct and personal. You can grow your email list by providing your visitors with more opportunities to subscribe to your email, such as:

  • CTA buttons
  • Surveys
  • Sign up form to your Facebook page
  • Hold a contest
  • Regular sending of emails
  • Sponsored offer
  • Email course offers
  • Discounts and bonus gifts
  • Quick and painless sign-up process
  • Pop-ups and slide-ins on landing pages
  • Posts on social media, etc.

Describing to your visitors what they will receive by subscribing to your email is also another way to build your email list. But having an email list is not enough. It must be a healthy list. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach out to the right people.

This is where an email list verification is critical, as it will ensure the validity of the email addresses on your list of contacts. Maintaining email list hygiene is crucial to lower your bounce rates, increase your reputation, and take advantage of all the benefits email marketing offers.

Besides email list verification, managing your contacts also include the segmentation technique. It is necessary to separate your email list by personalized preferences and different fields for targeting if you want an increased rate of clicks and opens.

2. Choose the Best Email Service Provider

You need an email service provider to send an email to a user’s inbox. They provide an email server acting as a medium to send the email. Gmail is a popular webmail service, but it isn’t suitable for marketing emails where you will be sending batches of messages, else you’ll be marked as a SPAM.

You can avoid this from happening by utilizing specialized platforms created especially for email marketing. On that note, here are three critical factors to consider in choosing the best email service provider suitable to your business.

  • Deliverability – An email not delivered to the intended user is a lost opportunity. Emails are scanned by an Internet Service Provider before they are sent to the end-user. If you have a blacklisted IP, your emails won’t pass through. An email service provider with excellent deliverability standards helps with this.
  • Template Creation – If you send email messages with frequently similar contents, a template can save you time. Also, the ability to create an email template enables you to personalize your messages. With a personalized email, you can increase your opens and click-throughs.
  • Flexibility – The best email provider is flexible. It can cater to your database size and email frequency. It also has excellent customer support and easily integrates with social media and other platforms. An ideal email service provider can offer all the features you need for seamless email marketing.

3. Create, Analyze, Update, Repeat

You can get the most out of your email list by following this 4-step process – Create, Analyze, Update then Repeat. Make a point to follow this format as each of the steps are crucial elements that help build and communicate your relationships with targets and customers.

They help you generate leads, boost ROI, and gather valuable data for an improved marketing campaign. These 4 stages are the most critical phases that ensure you have effective marketing with results that back up your company’s goals or visions.

  • Create – Create personalized emails with brilliant subject lines, quality content, and call-to-action to send to the different segments in your email list.
  • Analyze – Perform proper analytics and research on open hours, open rates, most clicked links, and other elements of the email to collect valuable data.
  • Update – The data collected from analytics and research help to improve your campaign according to what works and what don’t in your strategy.
  • Repeat – Upon application of perceived necessary changes, repeat the process to determine if the update you made helped to improve your leads, sales, and ROI.

Email marketing done right serve as central pillars in your marketing efforts. It is crucial that you take them seriously with extra thought and effort. If you do, you are one step ahead into building lasting relationships with customers as well as standing out from your competitors. 

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos