By Jennifer Dunn

There are a few basic truths about the Internet: cat pictures rule, people will fight over absolutely anything, and when you get a new website you generally have to choose a domain name from the well-picked-over supply of .coms or .nets. One of these truths, though, is changing—your options “behind the dot!”

The gradual rollout of hundreds of targeted new domain name extensions means that, instead of having to pick a less-than-ideal .com or .net or even a country-code top-level domain (like .it for Italy), you’ll have a ton of options to choose from when you start a new website.

This can have tremendous implications for your business. Just imagine if your tennis supply shop, “What a Racket,” was forced to use an unwieldy site name like simply because all the short, memorable domain names you liked were taken. With the release of all these new extensions, you can register –instantly telling the public what you’re all about!

What Does It Really Mean For You?

This opens your business up on the Web like never before. Gone are the days when you have to come up with some terribly creative campaign simply to let potential customers know how to find your business online. With the hundreds of new extensions hitting the market—starting now with .menu, .luxury, .build and .uno, all now available for pre-registration—everyone will know in the blink of an eye.

So just imagine your business’s domain name with an ending like:

  • Business: Anything related to a vertical or industry, including whatever you happen to be selling. Examples: .app, .shop, .venture, .lawyer.
  • Local: Does your website have anything to with a specific geographic area, country, city, or continent? Then .tokyo, .irish, or .africa might suit you.
  • Community: Any type of group, community, or otherwise like-minded organization or collection of people. Examples: .fitness, .tennis, and .club.
  • Generic: Have a more abstract idea for a domain name? Then generic terms like .free, .fun, .ninja, and .win might work for you.

And those are just the beginning! There are many, many more names to come.

The Dawn of a New Era?

So if you’re getting ready to launch a new website then it’s time to make a change! Your customers are desperately trying to find you, and now it’s time to help them. We hope this blog post has given you the tools to find the perfect domain extension for your business. Good luck!

This guest post is courtesy of GoDaddy® contributing writer Jennifer Dunn. As the Web’s top platform for small businesses, GoDaddy can help you easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run your own venture.