By Mia Clarke

You’ve probably noticed that plenty of large businesses make use of digital signage, but what about small businesses? If you’re a small business owner, you may think you don’t have the budget for digital signage, or it’s not applicable to your business. But, having digital signage could benefit your business in various ways.

Not only are digital signs a great way to advertise, but they’re also a fantastic method of getting customers to interact with your business. Plus, once you’ve invested in one, they are low maintenance and won’t require you to break the bank!

In the world of all things digital, smaller businesses shouldn’t miss out of this highly effective way of attracting and connecting with customers. In this article, we’ll take you through the several benefits that digital signage can have on your small business.

1. Make Your Business Stand Out

Digital signs catch the eye and capture interest. As a small business your resources may be limited, so investing in digital signage is an excellent way of making sure you win attention and cut above the competition.

Say you place a digital sign outside the front of your shop – this is a great way to advertise your small business and prick passer-by’s interest. They might never have noticed your shop front, but with a digital sign they’re far more likely to see your store and want to head inside.

Wherever you place your digital sign, they’re a great way to get you seen, increasing your chances of making sales and winning over new customers.

2. Keep Customers Informed

The great thing about digital signs is that you can use them to display information that your customers will find extremely handy. Perhaps your staff are always being asked about your store’s return policy? Well, post this information on your digital sign, and you’ve saved time for your customer and your staff. It’s that easy.

Or, perhaps you have something pressing you to want to share with your customers? This is an excellent way of doing that. Say you have a mid-season sale with up to 50% off. Advertise this on your digital sign, and it’s far more likely to get seen by customers who will then be more encouraged to take the plunge and purchase from you.

3. Give your Customers a Great Experience

Digital signage is exciting. Something digital is far more entertaining than a paper poster that doesn’t move or interact, isn’t it? Displaying exciting information and attractive images on an interactive screen is a great way to appeal to your customers, helping them have a positive experience in your store. Going digital also enables you to portray an up to date and the current image. No one wants to be behind the times, do they?

4. Invest and Save Money

Small businesses usually have smaller budgets to match. So, you don’t want to be wasting precious funds by continually printing out posters and flyers depending on your seasonal stock or promotions. Quality printing costs a lot of money and takes time but is something businesses need to do to keep their marketing up to date. Well, until you invest in a digital sign, that is.

You may think digital signs are too expensive, but once you’ve purchased one, you can save money in the long run. Digital signs are straightforward to look after and last for a long time. Now, you don’t have to pour money away on costly printing expenses – you can showcase your marketing materials digitally. Don’t be put off by the initial cost of a digital signature; it will pay off in the long run.

5. Get Connected

Digital signs get noticed by customers. This means that they’re a great platform with which to advertise your social media channels.

On a digital sign, you can show your customers what social media platforms you’re on and remind them to connect with you. You could even show them a glimpse of your Instagram page, or your Twitter feed, to encourage them to be part of the action. Digital signs are a brilliant way of marketing your social media channels – and that can only be a good thing for your business.

So, the next time you think, digital signs are only for bigger companies with bigger budgets, think again! Even investing in just one digital sign can profoundly benefit your small business, helping get you noticed and stay connected with your customers.