By Lianna Arakelyan

Managing a successful small business requires more than simply delivering high-quality products to customers who demand them. Knowing how to launch effective digital marketing campaigns even when you only have a $400 budget is imperative as a small business owner and entrepreneur. With $400 and a bit of planning, you can launch multiple digital marketing campaigns simultaneously while maximizing your online reach in less time.

Launch an Email Newsletter

Invest in creating your very own email newsletter. Using an email newsletter is a great way to collect emails, providing you with a new way to market to your followers and prospective customers. Email marketing is still one of the most popular and effective tools used by marketers who want to reach and engage their audience with each new update and newsletter sent.

Create Segmented Email Lists

One of the biggest advantages of having a growing email list is the ability to create segmented email lists with all of your subscribers. Segmented email lists provide you with more opportunity to reach your readers and followers on a more personal level. Some of the most popular segmented email lists to consider for your own subscriber list include:

  • New Visitors: First-time visitors who subscribed to your email list
  • Return Visitors: Repeat visitors who have not yet made a purchase
  • First-Time Customers: First-time customers who have successfully completed the checkout process
  • Repeat Shoppers/Loyal Visitors: Loyal shoppers who return to your website frequently
  • Visitors from Specific Websites: Track visitors who land on your website from a specific URL
  • Campaign-Driven Visitors: Users who register for your newsletter after visiting your website from a specific ad or online campaign

Use PPC Ads

Launching PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements is another way to stretch your budget with digital marketing campaigns. PPC campaigns allow you the opportunity to bid on each click you receive based on the keywords and phrases you are targeting. Only pay for clicks you receive to your website, helping to prevent overspending on campaigns that do not deliver any results.

Leverage A/B Testing on Social Media

Using social media as a marketing vehicle has become extremely commonplace among both small startups and massively successful corporations. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram all offer the opportunity to build an extensive and rapidly growing audience.

With social media, use tools such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to develop individual marketing campaigns that hone in on the demographics of the audience you intend to reach. Target specific groups and utilize A/B testing to determine the best method to relay messages and communicate with your prospective followers and customers.

Improve Your Website’s SEO

Invest in working with a white label SEO service or by tweaking the SEO of your website on your own. Improving your website’s search engine optimization is possible by implementing the following tips and tricks consistently and with complete uniqueness:

  • Proper Headers: Utilize H1-H6 headers throughout your website to highlight keywords and phrases you are targeting.
  • Links: Implement links to other pages on your website as well as other websites that are currently linking to your URL.
  • Keyword Targeting: Research trending keywords and update your website with new and engaging content that highlights keywords that are currently trending regularly.
  • Social Media Sharing: Providing useful and engaging content while using social media is a great way to increase the number of shares your website’s link receives (drastically boosting SEO).
  • Content: Content is still king when it comes to creating successful marketing campaigns. Craft informative content that is one-of-a-kind and difficult to find elsewhere online to stand out from your competition while giving your users a reason to visit your website.

Implement a Multi-Channel Marketing Effort

Using multiple channels simultaneously when launching a new online marketing campaign for your business is highly recommended, especially if you are new to the digital marketing industry. In addition to using an email newsletter, PPC ads, and social media platforms, Amazon can ensure great sales with proper keyword and trend research. Putting your marketing budget to good use is possible by conducting adequate research and generating various campaigns on multiple platforms using multiple channels.

Understanding the basic marketing methods used to promote small businesses online is essential when devising your very own digital marketing campaign. Regardless of your current budget, choosing the right platforms and dividing your funds during your next online marketing campaign can go a long way with brand exposure and awareness.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos