By Namratha C K

In the world of competition that prevails in every sector, there is just one simple rule: go hard or go home. If you do what it takes to stand out among others, by common logic, you will flourish. But then one of the biggest challenges for most businesses is that they either don’t have the understanding of what is essential to move their business in the right direction, or they simply have poor business management tools. Talking about the latter, analytics is a major factor that businesses find hard to tune.

The thing about business analytics is that although it seems to be just one of the factors, it actually builds the foundation of your business by supplying you with the right kind of information that helps you make decisions for the long term. As much as the supply and abundance of data matters, the quality of it has huge significance. In fact, you can have pretty pie charts, graphs, and data organized in columns that actually have zero impact on your business. Hence, checking the source and quality of the data you deploy for your business operations is of prime importance.

Data analytics has numerous benefits for every business. Here is a look at how you can leverage data analytics to unleash the true potential of your business.

Predict What the Customer Wants

Today, the customers are way smarter than they were in times of monopoly. A large-scale company cannot guarantee it will rule the market, just because it has been around for years. Rather, how well it understands its customers and how actively it is providing its customers with what they want is what matters.

This is where data analytics comes in. With analytics, you can keep a track of what your customers have been ordering, from which region they have been ordering, their expenditure limits, their frequency of buying, and much more. You can get all these insights simply by hiring a data analytics team or a dashboard application that presents you with a summary of all this delicate information.

These insights help you to make better decision not just in producing the right quality and quantity of your product, but also in influencing your customers’ buying decisions. Using the customer data, you can also customer profiles and conduct a detailed analysis of the profiles to come up with personalized suggestions, which are currently the hottest trend in mobile app development and website as well.

Empower Your App

If your business has a website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an app, because you are clearly aiming for online presence. But having an app that just showcases your line of products and services and that’s that, is not something that will help you capture the market. Data analytics is the key factor in the working of an app that customers ask for these days.

To instill your app with AI abilities, it is vital that your app must have the ability to collect and utilize data. Why AI? Because it is the future of customer service. As the size of businesses with more and more incoming data, the capability of an app to utilize this data is not only an advantage, but a need as well.

Build In Diagnosis and Traceability

As an organization grows bigger, the scope of its services go wider, thus increasing the chances of finding loopholes in the structure of your product or service. So how do you tackle this challenges which could be widely scattered across the organization? The answer is traceability. There have been manual ways in which companies have been handling data for years. But today we have analytics applications that readily trace the origin of an error and reduce downtime significantly. Hence, data analytics plays an important role in building a quick, accurate and efficient diagnostics system for a company.

Another great aspect of having traceability of data is that it increases the ability to easily audit your organization. With data available in an organized way, chances of missing a piece(s) of data are reduced remarkably.

Access Data for Better Planning

Even before making your services live for clients and customers, you have to research and plan the course of your services in the market is an important thing. Studying marketing patterns and analyzing how you can best leverage the processed data to plan your marketing strategy. Apart from the operational introspection, your business can also predict the delivery times, transportation costs, and more, by deploying an analytics engine that considers the external factors as well to optimize service delivery.

Data analytics forms the base of any business in today’s era. The bigger the databases go, the clearer the need for analytics, proving that it is not just some accessory, rather a necessity for business going for modern strategies.