By Forhad Hossain

No matter how much a business focuses on providing quality customer service to their customers there will always be a customer that will complain. They may complain about the employees, the products and service, and just about anything else they see to be at fault with the business.

Even businesses that strive to provide the best in customer service will still get complaints. There are some customers that are never happy with a business. These are four types of customers who will complain about your business, so you can prepare for and handle any future complaints coming your way.

 1. Aggressive Customer

 This customer will loudly voice any and all concerns that they have. If things are not perfect or exceeding their expectations, they will let everyone know and they will be loud about it. This person will not accept an excuse or an explanation. They want everyone to know that they are not happy. This type of customer can be trouble to deal with.

An employee has to resist the urge to become confrontational and respond to the customer in an angry manner. If a response is given with anger than this will make the situation worse.

To handle this type of customer it is important to acknowledge their concerns and pay attention to what they are saying. Ask them what type of solution they would like and take measures to resolve the situation. This will quiet them down and allow them to change their perspective of the company.

The aggressive customer will spread negative words about the company if things are not changed. It is important to remove all emotions from the situation and work with the customer in a polite and professional manner.

 2. High-Rolling Customer

This is the customer that has the money to spend and they are willing to pay well for a product or a service. They expect premium support and second-to-none customer service. They will complain if their expectations are not met and if things do not go the exact way that they expect it.

This customer does not want to hear excuses or reasons why their expectations were not met. They want solutions right away. When dealing with this customer it is important to listen to their complaints and give a detailed explanation of what will be done to fix the situation. The customer is spending a lot of money and the company should make sure they have a positive experience.

3. Rip-Off Customer

This is the customer that is looking to get something for free or to get a discount on a product or service. They may not be looking for a good experience or a quality product. They may just be looking for something that they can get for free or that they can save money on.

If the complaint is not legitimate, the customer may be looking for something for a way to take advantage of the company. To handle this type of customer look at the situation with an objective mind. The customer can be given the benefit of the doubt the first time and the situation should be fixed. If the customer continues to complain or the response from the company is not effective, then the company should use data to back up their resolution. This information will show the satisfied customers and that the goods or the services do deliver on its promise.

4. Chronic Complainer

This is the customer that never seems to be happy. This customer always complains and no matter how good the service is, the customer will find something wrong. This customer is likely to contact customer support and if there is a corporate office they will take their complaint there. They will be happy when their situation is fixed, but may find fault the next time they make a purchase.

This customer will tell others about their shopping experience. They will mention what went wrong. If the company is able to fix the situation they will also mention this in their review. While this type of customer can be annoying and challenging at times they may be able to help the business. The customer will be willing to share how things can be turned around and how the company was able to make it right. Even if this customer complaints often it is worth the time to listen to them and to take their concerns seriously. An effort needs to be made to allow this customer to be happy. This can save the business and can turn a negative review around.

These are some of the customer types that are the most likely to complain about your business. While these customers can be frustrating at times this will allow the company to stay on top of customer support.

Employees will also learn how to work with all different types of customers and how to turn a negative situation into a positive one. These customers also give employees the chance to learn how to handle difficult customers and how to make a situation right. This can be a learning opportunity for all employers in the company at every level. These challenging customers can help improve customer experience and make sure that every customer — even those that are the most likely to complain — will leave satisfied.