By Brighton Youd

Coworking spaces everywhere seem to be taking the traditional office environment by storm. Starting as an alternative office for solo entrepreneurs, coworking spaces are currently evolving into every worker’s dream. Today’s professional coworking offices attract an array of companies, entrepreneurs, startups, and more. But before getting into how coworking spaces provide members with a transformed work environment, let’s start with the basics.

Coworking” is known as membership-based workspaces for freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, tech start-ups, and other professionals to work in a shared setting. As these alternative offices have grown, they’ve continually solved some of the most challenging problems facing the traditional work environment.

Coworking Isn’t Just for Millennials Anymore

While coworking started as a big hit for the millennial age group, it’s becoming more popular among all demographics as time goes on. The flexibility and nimbleness of a lean coworking space may have initially attracted millennials, the foundation of what a coworking space can offer is something that people of any age demographic can recognize and take advantage of.

According to a survey conducted by Entrepreneur, 50% of coworkers surveyed self-identified as individual workers, while the other half consisted of employees and employers. These numbers illustrate the growing number of businesses that are gravitating towards coworking spaces rather than traditional offices.

Coworking Is Cost Efficient

Imagine being a young professional just starting out, completely self employed and low on capital. Traditionally, you would have to work in a home space that may not offer many amenities or a professional environment.

With a coworking space, people from any background can access a professional environment where they can meet with clients and potential partners.

Coworking Offers an Advantage in Recruiting

Many prospective employees are looking for businesses that offer unique amenities to their employees. These include coffee shops, cafes, high-tech security, 24/7 access, workout facilities, high-end furnishings, networking events, and more. Many spaces even have showers and kitchens to help facilitate a healthier work-life balance that allows people to blend their time at work with tasks from home. These kinds of benefits help to attract talent without having to pay as much in raw compensation.

Coworking space often have infrastructure for bike transportation and storage, giving your business an eco-friendly veneer. One of the most significant advantages coworking spaces offers its members is amazing locations at an affordable price.

A recent article in Time found that 25-34-year-olds are 50% more likely than the average adult to live in urban communities. Unfortunately, urban locations are pricey. Luckily, most coworking spaces like Kiln are located in the most convenient areas throughout America.

Coworking Focuses on Collaboration

Another transformative advantage offered by coworking spaces is their diverse community and the potential these offices have of collaboration within that community. Coworking spaces provide the collaborative atmosphere businesses everywhere need to succeed in today’s economy.

When you’re coworking, you’re continually networking and meeting new people that offer different insights into challenges facing your industry. These people open up both your network and your world to new possibilities and can ultimately improve your life and business. The cross-industry collaboration of coworking spaces is just one of the benefits that traditional offices simply don’t offer.

Coworking Is Where Employees Thrive

In 2015, Harvard Business Review published a story highlighting the ways coworking spaces were helping professionals thrive. A survey found that coworking space members found their work meaningful.

Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces consist of members from a variety of companies, ventures, and projects. Because there is little direct competition, members can be themselves rather than fit into a certain work persona. Coworking spaces also encourage members to cheer each other on.

The atmosphere of non-competitive work space can help people to feel more comfortable at work so they can get the best work done possible. At Kiln, members celebrate each other’s successes through events and other membership subscriptions.

Coworking Is Flexible and Lean

Committing to a traditional office space can be incredibly intimidating. What if things don’t work out with your current projections? What if you need to downsize? With a hefty corporate lease on a space, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to easily update your contract to align with changing needs.

With a coworking space, you can usually choose from a range of options, from a low-cost unreserved desk to a dedicated private office suite, and you can change things up more easily if the need arises. You can also plan on sustainable personnel growth in a coworking space. As you grow from one to dozens of employees, you don’t have to find an entirely new, dedicated space. Simply rent more desks as need be or ask about a private office.

Coworking Inspires Connection

Another important way coworking spaces are evolving the typical work environment is by connecting professionals. By keeping members engaged, coworking is helping professionals connect throughout multiple industries. A growing trend in coworking is moving beyond real estate benefits, into total partnership with its members.

Using coworking spaces as your backdrop, get involved in the workspace revolution.