By Salvatore Ventura

The best way a company can show its appreciation to clients is through corporate gift personalization. The gifts can be given out any time of the year to make your clients feel special and appreciated by the company. It is not easy to remain at the top of your clients’ minds and it takes something special for a client to keep remembering you. Personalized corporate gifts are not meant to bribe clients but to demonstrate to them that the company appreciates them in thoughtful way!

Personalizing a gift means giving clients gifts that will be meaningful to them, and this can only happen when you interact with your clients to understand their hobbies and likes. Buying a similar gift for all clients may have the desired effect as some of the clients may not like the gift. For instance, there is a company that bought wine as a corporate gift for 30 clients and yet 12 of the clients do not drink wine. This means that the 12 clients did not really appreciate the corporate gift as it was not meaningful to them. Therefore, it is important to study each individual client to know what they like before you can give them a gift. The following are five unique corporate gift personalization ideas your clients will love.

1. Embroidered Travel Case

This is a perfect corporate gift for a client that likes to travel for holiday, business or other reasons. A custom logo embroidered travel case can be used by your clients to store grooming items while travelling. This type of corporate gift will make your client to always remember you whenever they are travelling. An occasional traveler requires a bag that with quite a number of pockets to avoid cramming everything in one place. Also, the company logo will help market your business as the gift recipient client moves around with the personalized travel case.

2. Personalized Business Card Case

In most cases, you will find some clients are also business people and one interesting corporate gift idea for such clients is to give them a personalized business card case. The logo business card case can be used to hold credit cards or business cards. The card should have an attractive cover that is well constructed to ensure that the client gets a quality gift. Each piece should be engraved with the client’s name and a custom logo to give it a personalized touch.

3. Logo Notepad

This type of gift is also suitable for clients that are involved in frequent out-of-office business activities. The gift falls in a similar category as the personalized business card case as both are good for the corporate environment. This type of gift makes a very impressive statement when it is carried into a meeting or when it is placed on a conference table.

There is nothing better than making your client look great among his or her peers in the boardroom. Therefore, your client is more likely to remember you when he she makes an inexpressive statement in meetings or conference rooms courtesy of this personalized notepad. This can be a one of a kind gift when it is customized with the client’s name and the company logo.

4. Logo Party Tub

If a client likes partying, the personalized logo party tub is a perfect corporate gift for them. This multipurpose tub is suitable for chilling different types of beverages at corporate events, company outings, or when having a good time at the restaurant. It is always easy to tell if your client likes partying or not based on what they like talking about or their body language. Most clients are more likely to enjoy this type of gift as it demonstrates to them that you also care about their other side of life. This is a more personal and thoughtful gift that will earn you loyalty from a client. The gift must be customized with the company logo and if possible a client’s name for personalization.

5. A Gift Card to an Online Class

In the course of your interaction with a client, you may realize that they love learning new things and at the same time notice if their appetite for information is very high or not. In case a client likes learning new things, giving them a gift card to an online class may not be bad idea for a corporate gift. When looking for unconventional gift personalization ideas, you should consider giving knowledge. The gift of learning is an emerging trend in the corporate world and this means that the client will always remember you when they apply a skill they leaned with your help. A gift card to an online class can help your client expand their knowledge and hone their skills when it comes to:

  • Communication
  • Software development
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Marketing
  • Music

In this case, you should learn about your client’s hobby for the gift to have a lasting impression. For example, you can give a client that likes cooking a gift card to cooking classes.

In conclusion, you should always give your clients a pleasant surprise in form of a personalized corporate gift in order to improve the company-client relationship. Most clients wait for special occasions to give their clients a gift but this should not be the case. It is also important to remember that a cheap personalized corporate gift can have a lasting impression to a client when compared to an expensive gift that is not customized. There are many ideas for corporate gifts but is always important to know and understand the likes and preferences of each client for the gifts to be meaningful.