By Miles Young

If your business dealings take you around the world, around the country, or just around your region, you know the value of packing the right gadgets to make your trips go smoothly. Before you take your next business trip, check out some of the following gizmos, which might make your travel a little easier.

1. ATH-ANC29 Headphones

Granted, the name of this goodie doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, but if you can remember the alpha-numeric chaos long enough to find a pair of these stellar headphones, you won’t regret it. They can cancel up to 87% of outside noise, letting you enjoy your music in peace for your flight’s duration. The quality of the audio is also exceptional.

One review stated, “No matter whether one is a fan of masterfully crafted dubstep, metal, or rap music… the ATH-ANC29 headphones will provide playback that meets or exceeds that of radios…” You will arrive at your destination with a positive mindset, ready to tackle your business.

2. An Awesome Smartphone

Image via Flickr by John Karakatsanis

Image via Flickr by John Karakatsanis

These days, a smartphone is essential for almost everyone—and this is especially the case for business travelers. The stunning 4.7 inch HD display and beautiful audio are only the beginning of what the HTC One offers. The sturdy metal chassis gives you durability, and its super-fast processor will prove handy for all of your business transactions on the go.  When you pick up your new HTC One, you’ll find a simple interface that you can learn quickly, so it will fit well into your fast-paced lifestyle.

The HTC One is one of the options you might consider. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is another awesome device. Its huge display aims to impress, making it easy to show images and statistics to clients. The S Pen is handy for taking quick notes, and the nicely textured plastic backside of this giant phone helps you keep a firm grip on it.

3. MacBook Air

No list of a business traveler’s best gadget friends is complete without at least one nod to Apple. The compact design, long battery life, and overall usability of a MacBook Air laptop will add convenience to any business trip. The aluminum casing is another blessing for travelers, since you can toss this laptop in a bag or backpack and not worry about damaging it. Whether you choose the 11-inch Air or the 13-inch, you’ll get a computer that will take good care of you on your business adventures.

4. Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Image via Flickr by Josue Goge

Image via Flickr by Josue Goge

Tablets are becoming a staple in the business world, and you probably already own one. If you’re thinking about upgrading, however, try out the Google Nexus 7. A review at says, “Pound for pound, the Nexus 7 is the best small tablet you can buy.” Its lovely display and fast performance make it a compact computing machine that you can use for business or just to keep yourself occupied while you’re on an airplane.

Another useful thing about a small tablet is its ability to help you navigate. If you don’t own a separate GPS device, pull up Google maps. The 7-inch display makes it easier to get a feel for the area than the small display on a smartphone, but the tablet is still compact enough to take with you anywhere you go.

As a bonus, the Nexus 7 is more affordable than the iPad Mini.

5. Innergie PocketCell Duo Charger

As cool as the HTC One smartphone is, it doesn’t really go easy on its battery. This might cause an issue if you need your phone and can’t afford to hang out near a power outlet for hours while it charges. The Innergie PocketCell Duo is a portable charger, and it is capable of charging up to two USB devices at once — hence the “duo” in the name. It is compact and lightweight, so you can keep it in your pocket for those unexpected power emergencies.

On your next trip to the other side of the world (or even the other side of your state), you want to have all the gadgets necessary to help you cut back on the stress of traveling and have a productive and smooth trip. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you out.