It’s time! It’s time! Time to set some goals for 2013, that is. I know, I know, you’re still in holiday mode. But trust me, the sooner you do this, the better you will feel about the year ahead. Take some time now (or plan a few chunks of time over the coming weeks) to tackle your goal setting process. The articles below provide information on just about every approach, tip and tool you will need to get started.

2013 is going to be a great year…I can feel it!

1. Kick Butt in 2013: Free Goal Setting and Action Plan Download – It’s one thing to think through your goals, it’s quite another to put them on paper. This free download will help you identify your goals and create a plan. If you want more help in the form of worksheets and templates, check out the Small Business Kickstart Kit.

2. The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Goal Setting – Looking for an all-in-one goal setting resource? This is it! It’s a collection of resources that will help you maximize your goal setting process and guide you as you achieve your business goals, from the simplest to the most ambitious goals on your list.

3. Getting Started with Goal Setting – Starting at the very beginning, the tips in this article will help you get started with goal setting for your business, focus on the specifics of what you hope to accomplish, and start to put your plan into action.

4. 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business – Sometimes the best goals start with resolutions — formalizing an intention to accomplish something. Emily gives us six ideas for business resolutions.

5. Why You Need to Turn Your Resolutions Into Goals Today – OK, do you have your business resolutions ready to go? Great. Now use the tips in this article to turn them into SMART goals and ramp up your level of success.

6. Four Common Small Business Goals to Inspire You – If you’re still not sure what to aim for in 2013, these four common business goals and numerous resources will help.

7. 3 Ways to Kick Goal Setting Into High Gear – Finding time for goal setting is a challenge for many of us, but there are things you can try to set goals on a time budget. Here are three ideas.

8. Do You Have a Baseline? – Having a baseline can help you stay on track, meet expectations, avoid feelings of overwhelm, and build forward-moving momentum. And it can be a powerful tool in any goal setting process.

9. SMART Goal Setting 101 – The SMART formula is a popular way to take general goals and whittle them down into realistic and measurable targets. Download this free SMART Goal setting worksheet, too.

10. 30-Minute Goal Setting for the Over-scheduled and Overwhelmed – Tight on time? Don’t let that be an excuse for skipping goals. Here is a process for getting started with goal setting that you should be able to fit into even the craziest schedule.

11. Backward Goal Setting – When you are overwhelmed by the idea of setting goals, it can be helpful to start at the end and work backwards. This articles walks you through the process of creating realistic goals that are broken down into single actions you can focus on one at a time.

12. Goal Setting and Tracking Software – This list of goal setting and tracking software will help you create, track and achieve your most important business goals. Here is another list of goal setting apps for iPhones and iPads, too.

13. How Bad Do You Want It? – At some point along the road to achieving your goals, you will hit a snag. You’ll probably wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing and if it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears. When that happens, read this one.

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