By Shawn Nag

You have an invitation to a prestigious event. The guest list at the event is just mind-boggling, and you just cannot contain your excitement over the chances of networking with more and more associates. And who doesn’t know this, the more connections you establish in a gathering, the more leads might come your way!

So, for that, you must make an amazing and unforgettable first impression. You have to do something which will be sophisticated as well as highly professional yet creative enough to grab the attention immediately. How to achieve that? Well, when every minute detail of your presentation counts, you need to use some age-old tricks, too. One such trick is designing an amazing business card.

Being in the industry of online printing services for many years, I have noticed that no matter how digital media has taken over the world of marketing, some of the traditional ways like giving out business cards will never go out of fashion. It is undoubtedly a professional touch to your overall impression that is bound to make an impact on the potential associates and consumers.

So, if you are planning to get your business cards printed before that big event, here are a few things that you need to consider.


If you are thinking that a business card is just full of information and nothing else, then you are seriously mistaken. It is much more than that. Every single thing that you do with the design and the material of the card, counts. That is why you need to make sure everything you choose is impactful.

For example, you need to be really careful when you are choosing the right paper for the card you are getting printed. Insist on premium paper with silk, gloss or uncoated finish. If you want to be a bit more creative and pocket pinch is not an issue for you, then go for luxurious options like fold-over, shaped, opaque plastic, clear plastic and other specialty business cards.

Thickness and Size

When you are aiming at a lasting impression, if you go for a floppy business card, then it is going to fail to serve the purpose in the first place. So, make sure you are choosing an impressive thickness for the card. Generally, the card weight is supposed to be between 350gsm to 400gsm. But for thick luxury business cards, you can go to 1190gsm.

The normal size of a business card is 85×55 mm or 90×55 mm. But apart from this standard size, you can choose the square ones or the double-length flat size that will get folded in two parts or the shaped business cards. However, when you are choosing the business card size, make sure you are choosing the convenient one that will easily fit into the wallet or small box.


The next thing you need to choose is the font that is going to be used on the card. For the font, legibility is not enough. It should look elegant, sophisticated and professional. For that, it is necessary that you choose the font and the design carefully.

While choosing the design and the font, often people make one common mistake. Choosing the wrong font and design make the card completely cluttered which diverts the attention from the necessary details. So, make sure when you are placing the order for online business card printing, you are refraining from committing this mistake.

If You Want to Print at All

It’s 2023, don’t you think you should be looking into NFC business cards? If you’re old school, we get it, but you should be considering a digital business card. The benefits of a digital business card are numerous. For instance, you can quickly exchange contact information in an easy and efficient way. It eliminates the need to hand out physical cards which can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, they make it easier to keep track of your contacts since the information is stored digitally and easily accessible from any device.

So, now as you know about these things that are important for business card printing, what are you waiting for? You have that big networking event to prepare for.