By Liz Roncevic

If you’re just getting started on creating your company’s brand identity online, you’ll find that one of the most important aspects of having your brand recognized is through the power of social media itself. Many consumers utilize platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share their view of a brand or even promotion from the brand itself at hand.

Brand awareness is important if your focus is on growing sales and repeat business. Customers need to know who you are and what your company has to offer if they are going to come back to you later on. Additionally, the brand awareness you provide leaves a lasting impression on them about who you are and what your company’s mission really is.

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should focus on increasing your brand recognition on Twitter:

  • You will get increased website traffic from tweets. It’s been proven that site traffic can increase as much as 30% just from incremental tweeting.
  • Twitter has an extremely high google search rank.
  • 92% of all interaction on twitter is in the form of link clicks.
  • Twitter is the second most used network by B2B marketers.
  • Promoted tweets can boost offline sales by as much as 29%.
  • Twitter generated leads are significantly lower in cost than other ad platforms.

Source for the above statistics.

So one of the main issues many brands face is actually getting recognized on social media platforms altogether.  How do you create a perfect brand recognition platform on Twitter, for example? We’ve put together a few tips to help you get top-quality brand recognition through Twitter.

Provide Entertaining and Informational Content

No one is going to follow your brand’s Twitter page if they are constantly seeing tweets aimed only at self-promotion. You have to give your audience something that benefits them directly if you want them to find it useful to follow you.

Ask yourself what are the common questions your customer base is asking as it pertains to the specific product line or service you sell. Answering those questions in inciteful and entertaining ways, while providing access to valuable resources can win you a lot of respect and follows.

Switch up your content posts so they are a combination of things like images, quotes, links, text, or surveys. This gives your followers an all-encompassing plethora of information in different layouts so you’re not boring them with the same robotic and similar-looking tweets.

Additionally, be entertaining. Social media users engage more with brands and companies who are not just a library of information but who also utilize a personal, friendly and even comical approach to their tweets. It’s no secret that social media users flock to platforms to aide in the relief of their day to day stresses, they want a quick laugh or witty comment that might produce a smirk, or even an RT if good enough. This kind of positive influence on a user sheds a positive light on your brand as a whole and gives them an amazing impression of you.

RT Relevant and Popular Accounts

Coming up with top-quality content for tweets all the time can be difficult. There is a way around this in the form of RT-ing other popular and relevant accounts. Maybe a company in the same industry as you answered a great question you couldn’t, or maybe they shared a funny quote that also relates to your customers. By RT-ing them, you are providing your customers with the relevant content and information they are looking for while also potentially getting you recognized by those who also follow the pages you RT-ed. 

If you have users who RT your posts, try thanking them in a public fashion to acknowledge their presence and provide gratitude. Consumers like being recognized by brands and companies and it also provides a public impression of you to other followers. This kind of action signifies that you actually care about their opinion of your brand and product or service.

Do Some Homework on Keywords

If you’re familiar with keyword research as it pertains to search engine optimization, this can be very helpful for your Twitter platform as well. Inserting target keywords or even local keywords into your tweets can help others find you by search engine along with your Twitter account. You can also use these keywords in the form of hashtags for those who may be browsing information on the platform itself.

Don’t Ignore Twitter Analytics

Don’t ignore Twitter Analytics because they provide you with valuable information. You have access to important analytics through Twitter that will show you exactly how engaged your followers are with your tweets. You can use this information to study how they react to a certain type of tweets with different content. Once you can hone in on what it is they react better to, you can be more consistent and increase your engagement with them.


Increasing your overall brand recognition on Twitter is a powerful tool that can leverage company visibility.  If you aren’t utilizing social media, your missing out on a lot of untapped opportunity.  The good news is that you will see great results once you begin to utilize many of these resources at your disposal.  Although using Twitter correctly is a process, it is one that should not be ignored because I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results!

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos