By Emily Suess

Entrepreneurs don’t always realize right away that they were born to do something different. That’s because we’re taught at a very early age that career survival and success is based on conformity, on finding our place on the corporate ladder, and learning to be content on our designated rung.

A few of us, however, can’t accept this paradigm. We find ourselves constantly hoping for a way out—a way to be our own boss. These are a few ways to recognize entrepreneurial spirit in yourself and others.

1. You embrace change.

Entrepreneurs are frustrated by others’ willingness to do something “the way it’s always been done” and realize that change is the only way to improve.

2. You’ve been fired a few times.

If you’ve been fired because you tend to clash with your superiors or you sometimes make decisions not sanctioned by those with authority, there’s a really good chance you’ve got what it takes to start your own business. On the other hand, if you’ve been fired for tardiness or other failures, you might want to do a little more soul searching.

3. Your bosses have branded you a rebel.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit aren’t eager to accept the boundaries laid out for them, and they rarely excel when they’re punching a clock or metaphorically chained to their desk. The goal for the rebel isn’t so much to break the rules as it is to show just how rules are an impediment to growth and succes.

4. You’re always engaged.

If you constantly find yourself reading, learning, and doing, there’s a good chance you were born to be an entrepreneur. It’s a sign that you’re not content to be complacent at any point in your career.

5. You want to do more.

You realize that no matter what you have achieved so far, you are capable of doing more. This trait is essential if you’re going to launch a new business that has longevity.

6. You have trouble sleeping.

Many entrepreneurs have trouble shutting down at night. Their brains are constantly dreaming and scheming. When you get a great idea, you think about it constantly, which means you’re not just having trouble sleeping but you also find it hard to do anything else except pursue that one, pervasive idea.

7. You rarely fit in.

Conformity is fine for other people, but it doesn’t suit you. As a result, other people may not know how to deal with your drive, innovation, and willingness to stir things up. You might make them feel uncomfortable with themselves, and as a result you get pushed to the fringe of business social circles.

8. You believe anything can be made better.

Entrepreneurs believe that true success comes when you’ve found a way to solve a problem or improve on an existing idea. They’re always on the lookout for ways to accomplish both.

As an entrepreneur or someone who’s thinking about being your own boss, do you recognize any of these traits in yourself?