We’re starting a new weekly series on the Small Business Bonfire blog, Bonfire Buzz. Each week, we will share links to articles we find interesting that relate to a specific theme. These are topics we’re chatting about around the Bonfire, and this week, it’s all about word of mouth.

Word of Mouth 101

This week, on Melinda Emerson‘s #SmallBizChat, Tai Goodwin interviewed Dori DeCarlo, CEO of S1-Safety First & host of Word of Mom on BlogTalkRadio & MomTV, on word of mouth marketing. If you need a reminder on why you should bother with word of mouth at all, and what it can do for your business, this is a must-read.

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It’s the Same … but Different

Social media certainly uses the power of word of mouth, but does that make word of mouth and social media one and the same? Steve Olenski says yes and he has a strong argument, but read through the comments for more discussion, then weigh in yourself.

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Marketing at the Playground

We all know we need to be prepared with an elevator pitch and networking frame of mind when we attend conferences and business events, but what about the everyday encounters you have with your neighbors, family and friends? Of course you don’t want to be an incessant business-pusher, but you may encounter an appropriate time to chat about business, even when you’re at the playground, and Stacey tells us how to do it right.

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Let’s Get Some Clients

I love word of mouth marketing because it’s free, easy, effective and requires little action on your part, aside from doing an excellent job and building a solid reputation, that is. In fact, if you just go about your business, provide exceptional service and please your customers like no other, you will probably benefit from word of mouth. If, however, you want to be a little more proactive, here are a few ideas for maximizing word of mouth marketing.

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