As the owner of a small business you know excellent customer service must be at the forefront of your business model in order to find success.  Your customer service is literally what will make or break your company, especially with the prevalence of social media and the ability customers to complain or compliment instantly, so it is important for small business owners to know how to give superior customer service that will have clients coming back for more.  In this digital age, customers expect an immediate response when they reach out to your business via social networks and it is up to your customer service department to navigate the many streams, diffusing customer service issues and graciously accepting accolades.

Cultivate a Customer Service Culture

In any department of a business, training and office culture is key and customer service is no different.  From the very onset of your small business you must set up a foundation and a culture of unmatched customer service that is reinforced regularly.

Gain a New Perspective

Sometimes we, as business owners, forget or lose sight of the reasons we began our business in the first place; to provide a valuable service (or product, etc.) to customers in order to make their lives easier.  It is important for small business owners to occasionally look at their business model from the perspective of a customer in order to gain valuable insight on how to best serve their needs.

Social Media as a First Line Defense

Many small business owners use social media for marketing and are quickly discovering these various networks expand the need for clear customer service processes as well.  Twitter, for instance, is now acting as a first-line customer service portal for businesses all over the world and, when maintained correctly, opens a greater opportunity for superior service. If your small business is using social media in any way, there are a few social network usage tips that will make the process simple and effective.

Keep it Simple

Customer service isn’t a lost and ancient way, abandoned for its difficulty, but rather one that is practical and ever changing in our digital age.  Still though, valuable customer service habits can be formed and practiced every day, in order to create and support a strong customer service base.

 Image Credit:thadz