Members of the Small Business Bonfire community come from a number of different backgrounds, represent many industries, and have a lot of unique perspectives. But one thing we have in common is that we like to work on the go with our smartphones, iPads and/or netbooks.

There are apps that focus on providing an eBook reading experience on your mobile device, like Kindle, iBooks and the Barnes & Noble app. But what about reading articles you find online, RSS feeds you subscribe to, or even keeping up with social media activity? Here are a few options for daily reading on the go.

Read It Later

Read It Later lets you save pages from your computer or phone, then read them later from anywhere (even without an Internet connection). It works with any device and is even integrated into a bunch of other apps, 266 to be precise. Read more about Read It Later.


Instapaper lets you save long articles in your browser with a bookmark tool, so you can return to them later and read them in your browser, print them or view them on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). Read more about Instapaper.


Float collects all of your favorite documents, news, blogs, friend recommendations and more and serves it up to you through the web interface (Mac or PC), or on your mobile device (iPhones for now, iPad app coming soon). Read more about Float.


Reeder is an RSS app for iPhones, iPads and Macs. Some of the most useful features include over-the-air syncing with Google Reader, saving your place when you close the app, and a handful of different sharing options. Read more about Reeder.


Smartr is an iPhone app that fetches content from your social networks, filters spam, and turns the links into article previews to create a personal newsfeed. Read more about Smartr.

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