Small business owners are some of the busiest  people in the world and when you add a family or travel, sometimes both, into the mix the busy factor ramps up even more.  Because business happen anywhere, it is important for a business owner to be prepared for anything.  Setting your business up with the ability to run virtually ensures that you, the business owner, can anywhere anytime as seamlessly as you could from your office.  Or your business could be completely run virtually negating the need for a brick and mortar office and saving you thousands of dollars in revenue every year.

Still not sure what the benefits of cloud computing are for your business?  Let’s explore this concept a little further.

PC World breaks down cloud computing for business owners while also taking a look at the potential for problems within the virtual office in this handy article, making it a great place to start your cloud computing research.

No room in your budget for a large server set up or all new computers for your employees or yourself?  Not a problem with cloud computing.  You can run your business and access the cloud from your iPad or the smartphone in your pocket.  Through the use of today’s technology, business owners can run their business while on-the-go; check out and use these 5 essential apps which will help you harness the cloud in your small business.

Office virtualization has opened up today’s workforce to the option of telecommuting and has given small business owners to select employees from around the world based on their experience and skills rather than their location.  When a business owner can hire staff based in other areas of the world to work virtually, they are better able to suit their business needs and keep overhead costs down.

Backing your business up on the cloud can also help you be prepared for the unexpected, like a natural disaster or family illness.  Both brick and mortar businesses and those run out of your home can benefit from the use of cloud computing and virtual offices equip businesses and their owners with the flexibility and security they need to grow.

Is your business taking advantage of the advances in cloud technology?

Image credit: Darkmist09