Business owners don’t have to look far on the internet to be met with an infographic, in fact, these days there seems to be an infographic on just about any topic you might need information on.  You may even be asking yourself what the purpose for all of these pretty pictures and where the value is for your business, both valid questions.  Like everything, it is a good idea not to get too invested in infographics or rely too heavily on them since information is best digested in different ways for different people.

What are infographics?

Infographics present a large amount of research and statistics in easily digestible and understandable forms.  Recent studies have shown that our brains are actually hardwired to process images easier than text and you probably know from your own experience that images gain and hold a reader’s attention better than just a full page of text, making infographics a perfect way to convey a message in an easily understood manner.

Not all infographics are created equal though and can sometimes attempt to include too much information, becoming overwhelming for readers.  Not sure how to create an engaging and informative infographic for your business and clients?  Make sure you do your research before even starting the process of information collection and look at plenty of examples of well-done infographics. has a comprehensive infographic guide to creating an informative and easy to understand infographic that will engage your clients and educate them.

So, you’ve created an amazing infographic, but no one is seeing it.  How do you promote your infographic in a way that encourages readers, clients, and prospective clients to share this information with their networks?  Thankfully there are a few steps that you can take to ensure optimal sharing and to increase the possibility of your infographic going viral.  Pinterest is one of the best search engines for researching and discovering new (and sometimes, not so good) examples of infographics within a desired topic, check out our small business infographic pin board.

Understand, though, that not everyone likes infographics and in fact, that may be one of the best things about them since this controversy causes conversation around your business.  One of the biggest concerns when it comes to an infographic is the tendency from creators to cram as much information as possible into one graphic.  It can also be a good idea for you to view examples that may not have done as well within the community, take a look at these examples from Speak Schmeak of what not to do in an infographic.

While investing time in learning how to create an effective infographic is a smart business move, business owners should not rely only on these types of messages when conveying information to your audience.  As a rule, it’s best to be diversified in your marketing efforts and to stay away from focusing too much on one form of communication in business.

Is your business already utilizing infographics within your business?  What are your thoughts on this new trend?

Image Credit: masbro