This week’s installment of Bonfire Buzz is about something that’s been creating quite a buzz for the past few weeks: Google+. This is becoming a hot topic at the Bonfire as more and more members create accounts and start to set up their circles. (If you’re on Google+, leave a comment with your profile link so we can add you to our Bonfire circles!)

As we all continue to learn the ropes, here are a few articles that provide reasons to give it a try, tips and tutorials, and a look at what Google+ could mean for your business.

Why Bother with Google+?

If you read just one post on Google+, this one by Mari Smith is the one to read. She covers the Facebook vs. Google+ battle, tips for getting started, and a number of tricks for jumping the Google+ learning curve. A must-read for anyone getting started on Google+.

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Google+ Is Not For Me

If you’re a Google+ naysayer, take a minute and read this post by Glen Stansberry. He lists six of the biggest criticisms of Google+ and sets them all straight.

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OK, Let’s Get Started

The first time I logged into Google+, I was confused. It felt very much like the first time I tweeted, or shared a link on Facebook. Luckily, early-early adopters have written some phenomenal posts that help Google+ newbies get the lay of the land. This post by Dan Rowinski is one of the best, and is a great starting point for someone who is just scratching the surface.

Read more on ReadWriteWeb: How to Use Google Plus

Tips, Shortcuts and More

If you’re trying to figure out how to hide circles, start a hangout or set your privacy settings, read this post by Andrew Shotland. In fact, you should bookmark it and go back to it often (I have!). It’s the most comprehensive unofficial Google+ guidebook I’ve found so far.

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What About Business?

Business pages on Google+ are expected to arrive later this year, but what should business owners be doing with Google+ now while we wait for the big rollout? Well, aside from learning the ropes, there are a few things according to Ellery Long. Read this article to see how Google+ can be good for your business right now.

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