When you own a small business it is incredibly important for you to know why you’re doing what you’re doing, or in other words, what motivates you to succeed and how badly you want to see success. When you start a small business, you need to be clear with what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to see your dream and business come to fruition; you need to know how bad you want this dream and its success.  One of the biggest motivational mistakes small business owners make is looking to the future too often, this causes one to lose sight of the job at hand and become discouraged about the future that is not yet the present.  Once you devise a long-term plan for your business and come up an action to help you achieve your long-term goal, you need to stop focusing on the future and begin focusing on what needs to be done now.

Challenge Yourself

Confidence cannot be gained in life without taking chances and challenging ourselves; the same can be said for your business life.  Facing challenges and overcoming them builds confidence in business owners and creates the motivation to continue facing them as they arise within the business.

Push Through the Fear

If you’re feeling stuck and are lacking the motivation to push through your challenges and the fear that accompanies them, try these three steps to push through the rut from The Suitcase Entrepreneur. These steps help you pinpoint your passion, develop the skills needed to pursue it and then own the challenges with a positive spirit.

Overcome Your Challenges

Feeling discouraged about the direction your small business is going?  Don’t let that stop you!  Try one of these fantastic motivational tips from Inc. to help you overcome your challenges and turn them into advantages.

Refocus Your Mind

Occasionally the day-to-day monotony of owning a small business can be underwhelming, making it easy to lose sight of your goals and creating an energy suck which is not conducive to success.  Instead of losing motivation, take a few minutes a day and focus your mind on the tasks at hand and decide how you can grow your business during that day.

Cultivate a Habit of Motivation

Motivation is not something to be gained in a day or in an hour, rather motivation is a habit and as a habit must be instilled and practiced daily in order to take hold.  Negativity, impatience, and lack of discipline are motivation’s enemy.  Those who surround themselves with positivity, practice strong work-ethic, and are tenacious in their dream will find motivation is not a destination, instead is an attitude and a way of living.

How do you stay motivated and push through the challenges?

 Image Credit: photosteve101