In this economic climate, I think most of us are looking for, or at least interested in, ways to cut costs and save money in our businesses. So this post should have something for everyone. Let’s start cutting!

Be Frugal

It may be an ugly word (at least I think it is), but frugality almost always wins. And some of the most frugal money-saving tips involve using what you have in a better or different way that helps your bottom line. The three tips in this post, while they may be simple, can be powerful ways to cut costs in your business.

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Think Lean

Remember when you were in college and you survived on a lean budget? Sure, you may have been stuck with Ramen Noodles every day, but you lived within your means. This article shows us how young entrepreneurs who are still thinking “lean” are saving and cutting costs in their startups.

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Look to Innovate

Just as technology helps us cut costs across the board, innovation can also open our eyes to new ways to integrate smarter and more efficient practices in our businesses. These tips help us think ahead to how we can position our businesses for sustained success by making smart changes today.

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Get Smart with Credit

Accepting credit cards is a requirement for many small businesses, but it can also be very costly. Emily Suess recently wrote a great post with tips to help you save money and make better decisions when it comes to credit card processing fees.

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Know Where to Save

Sometimes you need to stop the push forward in your business and step back to look at areas where you may be able to make adjustments that will save you money. This post takes a look at some areas where you can start to save right now.

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