Confidence is powerful in business. But it’s not always a constant; it ebbs and flows, and often takes a concerted effort to maintain. Here is a collection of articles that will help you understand what confidence can do, how to get more of it, and how to use it to your advantage.

Why You Need It

There are a lot of ways confidence can help you in business. Here are three reasons you need confidence in order to be successful.

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How to Boost It

If you’re naturally shy or quiet, it may seem even harder to develop confidence, and maybe impossible. But in this post, Martin King tells us that isn’t the case. Here are some great tips you can try right away to increase your confidence.

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Stop Being Scared

What is the antithesis of confidence? Fear. It’s a nasty disease that can reach out and grab you, and it can be very hard to get away from. If you can master the fear, though, you can master confidence. Read this article to learn how to shake off the fear.

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Rethink Your Fears

So often, lacking confidence is about comfort zones, bubbles and routines, and being scared about the unknown. But you can overcome your fears and build confidence by being proactive. This article will tell you how to adjust your thinking to reduce your fear.

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Close the Deal

Now that you have this new-found confidence, it’s time to put it to practice, and what better way than by making a sale. Use these simple, yet effective, steps for closing the deal and ramping up your confidence even more.

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