If you own a business, it’s likely that you have had your share of mistakes. Don’t worry, it’s all just part of owning a business. The important thing is for you to learn from your mistakes, then forgive yourself for them and move on. Then again, why should you have to make the same mistakes so many others make? You can also learn from other business owner’s common mistakes and ensure you don’t repeat them. We’ve gathered some of the more common business mistakes made across the board to help you avoid making them as well.

Marketing Mistakes

Each year, business owners must come up with more inventive and creative ways to market to their customer and along the way, many mistakes are made. You can’t just stop trying though, business owners must continue to revise their marketing plans until they find something that works, for a while. Learn how to avoid some of the most common and costly marketing mistakes from the man some consider “America’s Best Marketer,” Seth Godin.

When marketing online, business owners often become very familiar with the initials SEO as it pertains to their website. One of the most diff cult and perplexing part of a strong optimization plan is the link building and business owners need to work hard to avoid common mistakes like link buying when their trying to build their rankings.

Press Mistakes

Part of owning a small business is talking to outside agents and the press, Small Business Bonfire member, Tom Treanor wants to help prepare small business owners for talking to the press and has some great tips on how to avoid some pretty common PR mistakes.

Productivity Mistakes

Even when you think you’re at your most productive it can be easy to make simple unconscious mistakes that will actually negatively affect your overall productivity. Remember getting plenty of rest and taking care of yourself is important; if you’re sick and unable to work, that is seriously going to put a damper on your productivity for the day.

What other common business mistakes have you made?

Image Credit: xesko82