Most of us are probably familiar with the Cloud, and some of the ways it can be used in small business. With the release of Apple’s new iOS 5 and iCloud this week, we’re focusing on this technology even more.

But it’s not, and shouldn’t be, “anything goes” when it comes to the Cloud. Here are a few articles with warnings, tips and advice for using the Cloud wisely and making sure your business is protected.

The Truth about Cloud Security

Think your data flying around in the air is perfectly safe? Think again. This is a great, eye-opening read that should at least make you question how you consider the Cloud. Make sure you click-through to read the articles linked at the bottom for the full story and tips for Gmail, specifically.

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Protecting Customer Data

This article focuses on privacy laws in Australia, but most of the advice for securing and protecting customer data is universal, in my opinion. Lots to think about here.

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If the Government Has Questions…

Whatever your political leanings, the fact that the U.S. government is considering moving to the Cloud, and has some serious questions about security, is worth paying attention to. Some good questions raised…worth following along to see what factors weigh into the decision.

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Get Help

If all of this discussion of security in the Cloud is giving you a headache, you may eventually want to consider turning to a company that provides encryption and security services. Here are five companies that may be able to help you protect your data.

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