All small business owners need to know how to write. Sure, you can hire copywriters and assistants, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty of running a business, having strong writing skills will make you a better communicator and a better business owner.

So, this week’s edition of Bonfire Buzz provides a few resources to help you beef up your business writing skills. You can also call this the “Emily Suess edition” since she is a Bonfire contributor and exceptional freelance writer, and has written a few of the writing resources listed below. :)

Get Writing Help from 100 Sites

Emily Suess has organized a very cool Writer’s Week promotion over on her blog, and it’s been going on all week. One of her posts is packed with resources for writers (and aspiring writers). It’s a great place to start. Oh, and while you’re on her site, enter her contest. You have until 11:59 pm tonight (Friday).

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Grant Writing

In another post, Emily tells us what it takes to become a successful grant writer. Read through this list of must-have grant writer traits to determine if you’ve got what it takes to get your grant application to the top of the pile (and to figure out where you may need some help).

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Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of business writing because it is ultimately what sells your products and services. Good copywriting tugs on heart strings, gets past sales objections and makes people act. It’s not always easy to do effectively, though…Watch this video by Andrew Baird that includes some very powerful copywriting tips.

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Proposal Writing Tips

Proposals are sometimes put in the same category as business plans — cumbersome, overwhelming, stress-inducing. But, just like business plans, if you make the process structured and break it down into smaller steps, it’s much more manageable. I compiled this short list of articles to help you get through the proposal writing process and end up with a pretty good document to hand off to your prospects.

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Business Blogging

Blogging may be the most frequently used type of business writing, and it’s also where the most business owners get stuck. Let’s be honest — it’s hard to write regularly and create interest and engagement. Check out this list of 30 business blogs for inspiration and new ideas to try on your own blog. While you’re improving your business blog, you may also want to read another recent post by Emily on how to get people to actually participate on your blog.

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More Business Writing

Jennifer Mattern is another writer who simply knows a lot about writing, so you really can’t go wrong by following her advice. In this article, she shares a few resources for writing white papers, case studies and press releases. These are all good documents for a small business to have in their arsenal, so each of these tutorials is worth a read.

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