I will admit that I’m a homebody, but that doesn’t mean I don’t travel. In fact, I’ve been doing more of it lately, so I am always looking for new mobile apps, travel tools and secrets from the business traveling pros to make my trips more successful.

And this week’s edition of the Bonfire Buzz is all about business travel. If you have a business trip coming up, take notes and get ready to hit the road!

Be Prepared

This post by Mitch Joel is packed with apps, tool and advice for business travelers. From the best carry on bag, to mobile apps and other technology, it’s a must read. Make sure you bookmark it — there are a lot of links to check out.

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Finding the Bathroom

Have you ever landed in an unfamiliar airport and needed to find the baggage claim, a place to eat, or even a bathroom — fast? Now, you can jump on Bing from your mobile device before you even leave the aircraft, and get a lay of the land with their newly launched airport maps (currently available for 42 U.S. airports).

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Work Away from Work

This article reviews LiquidSpace, a website and app that can help you find a temporary workspace when you travel. It’s an interesting tool that can help you find a place to work if you’re sick of sitting in the local Starbucks or need a more focused environment for work.

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Don’t Forget Your Manners

When you travel, especially internationally, it’s always smart to be aware of the local culture. This article provides a great primer on cultural guidelines for parts of Europe and Asia.

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