Most small business owners I know are bootstrappers. We may not want to be bootstrappers, but we don’t have access to external sources of capital so we have to use what we got. Although it may seem like that puts us at a disadvantage, I think the opposite. Bootstrappers are creative, resourceful and frugal when it counts.

If you’re a bootstrapper, this week’s collection of articles will help you stretch your funds further and possibly even find some new (and smarter) ways to cut costs in your business.

The Right Way to Bootstrap

When you bootstrap, you have to be smart. You can’t just go off willy-nilly and hope things turn out right. That’s why I love this article on that shares some very solid rules for bootstrapping that you shouldn’t ignore.

An Art Marketplace on a Bootstrap?

If you think only certain types of businesses can bootstrap, think again. This article on shares the story of Sean Broihier who launched Fine Art America, an ecommerce marketplace for works of art, on a bootstrap budget.

Another Success Story

Twenty years ago, Bruce Poon Tip started an adventure travel business on a bootstrap budget, and it’s still thriving today. This is a must-read story for any bootstrappers out there who need some inspiration to push through the tough times.

Bootstrapping Websites

This article on AMEX Open Forum tells you how you can improve your business website on a bootstrap budget. You may be surprised how easy and inexpensive it can be…

Bootstrapping Video

Want more ideas on how you can bootstrap your marketing activities? KISSmetrics gives us tips on how to create great promo videos. PLUS, how to do it all for under $100.