By Parth Bari

Do you find the blogs available online as fascinating and mind boosting? If yes, then I must appreciate your reading habits and interests. 

It is not that easy to create great blogs that look fabulous and creative. Of course, the readable content must be one of the most influencing part. 

However, I won’t deny the fact that you cannot become a successful blogger. If you have good writing skills, can understand relevant subject matter thoroughly and want to share your thoughts about any random topic to the public, you can surely become a blogger. Just add some professionalism to it and you will be fairly recognized by the world.

To become a professional blogger, you would however, need to encompass certain important skills and abilities. In this post, we will talk about what are those essential skills that can help you to build, grow and maintain a profitable blog from scratch.

At first, it seems quite difficult to create and maintain a blog. Your primary requirement would be setting up an account with a reliable host platform such as WordPress, Blogger or else. Then select an overall theme of the blog, prepare some posts and publish. It is as simple as understanding the basics of computers and proceeding further.

Moreover, you should understand the difference between just creating a blog and creating a successful blog.

Later one draws reader’s attention and keeps them retaining for long. But people can also readily learn the skills that are necessary to start a successful blog for building customer loyalty. To learn more about blogs, as in how to start, what should be the main focus while writing one and many such other things, one should participate in blog discussions or debates.

Let us start with some vital blogging skills that anyone might need for building an amazing blog in year 2019.

1. The Ability to Write Quality Content

First of all, providing huge value to your audience is the key feature behind building a better blog.

Now, how could you add value? Remember, you can never build a profitable blog if you have not created engaging, helpful and unique quality content. Hence, becoming a good writer all of this is must. You should always grow your writing skills by regularly writing. Write at least few paragraphs daily either online or offline.

2. An Understanding of HTML and CSS

You are not at all required to be a full-fledged web developer or programmer to build your own successful blog. But you should have some basic knowledge of HTML coding so that you can go easily with adding ALT tags, image interlinking, text hyper-linking, including headlines in h1 or h2 tags etc. 

Although, numerous blog hosting companies like WordPress already provide a powerful platform to the users for creating contents without needing any coding skills. But, knowledge about these basic elements is always better so that you won’t panic when you come across any tag related queries. 

Generally, all the blogging platforms come with in-built themes from which you can choose the best one based on your requirements. If not, you can have a unique theme prepared by your designers that will fit with your brand’s strategy. Hence, some knowledge of HTML coding and cascading style sheets (CSS) will benefit you a lot in such case. This will help you to present your business in front of others in a unique manner.

3. Networking Skills

Networking not only helps you get connected with thousands of other bloggers, but it also helps in boosting the traffic and sales for your website.

Though, blogs can be posted on a schedule, you will have to interact with your readers on a daily basis. These interactions can be easily done through your blog and you will have to remain tuned to the preferences and interests of your readers for creating the posts that seem relevant to them. For example, if your blog is based on personal finance, then your posts should be based on the financial them.

4. An Ability to Generate Online Engagement

Posting comments and questions to your blog on a regular basis will help engage readers. Whenever you are putting a question through a poll or anywhere in your blog for the readers, always be sure to follow-up in a timely manner. The idea behind this is just to engage your readers on a daily basis and this can only be done when you maintain a consistent and active presence online.

Here, following up not only involves replying to the blog comments, but also targets blogger outreach. This will surely help you boost your blogging skills for building strong connections with others in your field.

5. Photo Editing Skills

Images have the potential to go viral on social media quite quickly. Simultaneously, usage of images in your blog posts helps in increasing your overall search rankings. 

You should have proper understanding of image editing like cropping, formatting, resizing and so on. Here, you are not at all required to master the Photoshop or InDesign software as the editing software always remains available in the tool bar set of majorities of blogging platforms. 

6. SEO and Social Media Skills

Social media has transformed the face of SEO. It not just boosts the traffic of your blog, but help you get more audience for your content.

You must have knowledge regarding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so that you can enhance your network base to gain more readers for your blog. Social networking helps in developing your good interpersonal skills and in this way, you can get more people engaged to your blog.

7. Marketing Skills

Some bloggers become successful on the internet in no time. The major reason behind this is they are master in marketing skills. Hence, learning the art of selling is important. Now digital marketing services comes in picture.

You cannot build a loyal audience around your blogging network if you don’t know how to market or promote your blog’s content, products or services properly. SEO and digital marketing acts as a boon for such people.

Focusing on the above stated skills will get you mastery in blogging and then, you can move to the next level for sure. 

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos