By Jim Hughes

With the emergence of advanced technologies come a myriad of tools for entrepreneurs to learn online. While traditional business strategies still work, it is still ideal for business owners to up their entrepreneurial skills and to learn more about the business industry.

Essentially, podcasts are one of the online tools that can educate you about certain things. They are digital media series or files which you can listen to or download. If you want to learn from some of the world’s business experts, here’s a podcast hit list for business owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Leaders in the Trenches

In this podcast, business leaders talk to other leaders in the industry and discuss how they started their businesses and how their companies grow. Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine recognized this podcast as a helpful tool in educating business owners and entrepreneurs and teaching them how to be great leaders. They talk about various topics such as marketing, productivity and transformational leadership. They also interview best-selling authors particularly business experts.

2. Millionaire Interviews

This podcast is sure to inspire you as millionaires share their stories on how they run their business and earned millions from it. Some talk about how they successfully sell their products and services and grow their team at the same time. These millionaires are successful business owners who, like normal entrepreneurs, started as a small business and expanded through patience and hard work. They also share a lot of strategies in particular industries or niches. 

3. How to Start a Startup

If you are just starting or thinking about having your own business, this podcast is the perfect place to visit. As what the name implies, this podcast is going to help you become a budding entrepreneur. With more than 20 episodes, “How to Start a Startup” is filled with useful lectures from popular inventors and successful entrepreneurs.

4. BizChix

BizChix is a very interesting podcast as it showcases high-achieving and successful women entrepreneurs. Like other podcasts about business, they also talk about different methods and practices on how to be successful entrepreneurs and how women entrepreneurs can empower one another. Some of their hosts also provide in-depth training and on-air coaching calls with clients so regardless of your age, you can take advantage of their business lectures and tips.

5. The Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferris is a popular entrepreneur. He is also an author and a public speaker so if you want some motivation and inspiration, you will surely get them from the Tim Ferris Show. His book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” has touched the lives of many entrepreneurs and business professionals in managing their time and increasing their productivity. The Tim Ferris show also has diversity as he interviews various guests from different industries. Not only he helps his audience grow their business but he also helps people become successful in arts and sports.

6. Productivityist

Hosted by Mike Vardy, a speaker, writer and productivity strategist, Productivityist is a podcast which mainly talks about time management and productivity. Anyone who wants to increase their productivity despite pressure and various business demands will learn a lot from this podcast. Because Mike Vardy is an expert on productivity, he has lots of tips and takeaways for his audience, especially for busy entrepreneurs. The advice shared on this show is very easy to incorporate in your workplace so it will not only help you become productive but also your entire team.

7. The Indie Hackers Podcast

IndieHackers focuses on interviewing developers and people from the software industry. While most podcasts interview popular entrepreneurs in their respective niche, IndieHackers prefers to invite less popular entrepreneurs as well as founders of small businesses. They appreciate humble beginnings and want their audience to know that small businesses can also gain big profit even in competitive industries.  This is why if you are just starting your business, you can relate a lot to this podcast and you will also get many ideas and strategies on how you can improve your business skills, grow your team and eventually expand your business.

8. Unemployable

Unemployable is basically for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants. Though you are not running a big company, this podcast can still guide you on how you can improve your services and become successful in your niche. Photographers, bloggers, graphic designers and other people who work independently will definitely find this podcast relatable and useful for their career. Also, you will not only learn from this podcast but you will also be entertained by its host, Brian Clark, as he humorously talks to his guests and give meaningful insights on entrepreneurship.