By Valerie Malecha 

For an enterprise to develop, it needs to increase its team of professionals. Of course, attracting and hiring talented workers is not so easy.

Employees with experience and good knowledge and skills are carefully choosing the company where they want to work. If experienced employees do not choose your business, then you need to reconsider your approach to work, strategy, team, opportunities in the company and so on.

It’s not enough just to run a company. You have to be a part of it, worry about failures, enjoy achievements and have contact and understanding with your team. It is essential to organize the workflow correctly, make sure that your office is properly equipped and that everyone feels comfortable. These tips will help you build a workplace that attracts top talent.

1. Work on Design and Amenities in Your Office

 The design of office space is a significant impact on productivity. Therefore, it is important to organize it correctly and work it out to the smallest detail.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that every employee has a place of his own. Personal space is a crucial factor for working in an office. Survey your team, perhaps someone is uncomfortable, or there is something that continually prevents someone from concentrating. Eliminate the problems.

It’s also possible to think about repairing and improvimg the office. To update the design, for example, the best thing for an office is minimalism or high-tech. It is not necessary to use bright colors in the design. They can irritate or distract from the tasks. Eliminate all the bright elements in the interior. Use only neutral colors which are ideal for creating a working atmosphere.

Think about lighting. Perhaps it is worth adding a few lamps, or vice versa, maybe there are too many of them. Again, you can consult your subordinates. Buy comfortable office chairs. Long-term work at the computer can cause pain in the back and lower back, and as a consequence, the productivity of the employee will go down.

2. Use New Equipment, Whenever Possible

The result of the work depends mainly on the equipment and technology that the staff uses. If, for example, computers in your office are not powerful, then tasks will take a long time.

Update all kinds of gadgets that are already outdated and buggy. Perhaps it is worth buying new models of computers and laptops. Think about what devices your staff lacks, maybe there is something that can significantly simplify the work.

If finances do not allow you to purchase new equipment right now, then it is worthwhile to repair the old ones, install the latest updates on it and so on.

Perhaps a good idea will be to hire an office manager who will continuously monitor the condition of the equipment and take care of it. Thus, you do not need to call an expert from another company, and all tasks and problems can be solved quickly. Moreover, your team will always know who to turn to if they need help with equipment.

3. Establish Good Relationships with Your Team

In order for the work to be productive, there should not be misunderstandings and quarrels in the team. Everyone should help each other and exchange knowledge. Only then the productivity of the company will go up.

You may want to consider changing the “leader – subordinate” relationship and become a peer to your employees. Then it will become easier for you to find a common language and people will better go to contact.

Team building is a good option, too. Once a month or every several months, invite your employees on a quest or a movie at the expense of the company and during work hours. Your team will start communicating in a relaxed atmosphere, and they will learn more about each other.

4. Properly Organize Schedules and Systems of Work

If an employee performs his day job quickly enough, there is no point in having him work all day. Coordinate with him a convenient/flexible work schedule. Start this process by determining which employees you need for the whole day and which can work a few hours a day.

Remember that people always need breaks. It is necessary to allow your co-workers to take a break at least once every two hours. This way, people will become less tired, and concentration on the task will be much better. You could also consider buying a coffee machine for the office, and then your staff will be be able to take a quick break from work and leave the office much less often.

When your company becomes better, experienced applicants themselves will want to become a part of it.