By Pradeep Makhija

Artificial intelligence is no longer a technology that has been curated for the superhero world alone. It is not a sci-fi theme that you will see someday but, a technology that is literally changing everything that is happening around us. In fact, AI technology is all set to disrupt how we consume and interact with things today. 

The different mobile operating systems and every other aspect of our world are preparing itself to accommodate this new technology, and harness its powers. 

When the smartphone manufacturers had reached a saturation level, it is with AI that they reinvented themselves. You will find that every new phone has superpowers that were technically seen in movies or read in books earlier.

From camera experiences to the actual device experience, everything has been reformed with the adoption of this new technology. 

We have been hearing from all quarters how this technology is responsible for boosting customer experiences, enriching your in-store movements, and also nurturing your purchase decisions.

Here, we will talk about how, in many different ways, AI has led to a reinvention of the mobile industry. We will also tell you how Apple, Android, and the various other smartphone operators and manufacturers have found themselves amidst competition as a result of this new and raging technology. 

1. The Chatbot Experience

There was a major gap that existed between the businesses and the users, which led to a reduction in the overall experience. In many cases, the delay in responses led to customer attrition for the businesses. Let’s understand the challenge here:

  • The businesses were not able to respond to customer queries in real-time, as that required a lot of resources. The customers were upset about the delayed responses, which in turn made them move to another business.
  • Secondly, the resources are not trained in all aspects of communication. So, when the user comes with an issue, the customer may or may not be able to handle the situation at first. 
  • The queries take up a lot of the resource time, and they are not able to concentrate on offering better experiences.

Chatbots resolve these issues by being an intelligent assistant to the business. when the user enters the chat mode of your business, the chatbot is the first point of contact. The bots will understand the user’s issues and will try to resolve with the ML models and algorithms that have been fed into these bots.

The bots make sensible conversations and aim to resolve the matters quickly. 

2. Secure App Authentication

When you are working on mobile app development, the single most concern driving your app development processes is the authentication. You want to ensure that all the details that your user has offered to the app are secure, and there is no data breach that can offend the users.

If you were to opt for normal authentication, you are never likely to view the threats that are posed by your app. The reason being you don’t have enough data to understand and interpret how the security works, and you don’t have insight building capabilities.

However, with AI by your side, you can log into all the data, capture them effectively, and translate them into insights. AI has prominently shown its powers in being able to detect fraud that happens at banks and with the credit cards the users have. 

Apart from identifying the threats, the machine constantly learns from the actual environment and keeps updating the algorithm for better functioning. The newer trends are adopted, learnings are mastered so as to identify if there was an aberrance in the customer’s behavior and identify the threats immediately. 

3. Better Detection Capabilities

A lot of apps are using biometrics to authenticate the users and safeguard the data. Face detection capabilities showcased by AI helps these businesses ensure better security. In fact, apart from security, this capability comes to use with tracking functions within the app.

Handling fraud is becoming important, and face detection not only ensures that the person using a particular phone, card, etc. is you but also keeps every part of the data hidden from public view.

AI has ensured the ability to track license plates, thus helping the traffic department in their function. There are many other uses of the detection abilities posed by this technology.

4. Personalization

This is the biggest reason why businesses are promptly adopting AI in their functions.

  • Businesses have always wanted to send the right message at the right time to engage the people better. However, tracking what people see, and what they are interested in has always been quite difficult.
  • Secondly, you cannot have access to all the data and work on it manually. You need help, as the information available at this moment increases exponentially by the minute.

AI helps interpret the data, understand what it mentions, and also helps analyze it to build insights that can offer personalized solutions.

With AI, you have models that help the machines understand user behavior, their interests, and define the recommendations and suggestions accordingly. Amazon and Netflix have been using AI and deep learning for personalized suggestions to boost engagement.

5. Boosting Search Experiences

For users, when they are looking for something, the biggest challenge comes in the form of interpretation. The keywords they type may be interpreted in a different way by the search engine, which reduces the interaction and increases the frustration levels among the users.

Voice and image recognition technology that has been a result of AI in the search engines has helped the users search in a better and more enriching way. The results are more defined, and you get the type of results you are looking for. Along with localization, this feature will enhance your conversions.

6. Better Forecasting

Whether you want to forecast the demand for the product or conduct a competition analysis to understand the value of the product better, AI supports you in your endeavor. 

You have a lot of data extending from the customer’s preferences to the actual sales and point-of-sale data. You also have access to the demand and supply data for a particular service or product. All this put together should help you forecast the market and prepare your business for future trends.

AI will not only support but also offer actionable insights that will improve decision making.

7. Landmark Detection

AI aims to help healthcare, travel and other industries with the help of landmark detection technology. This is one of the strongest reasons to adopt emerging technology. 

By identifying certain points in the radiology image, AI can tell what could be the possible issue, thus helping caregivers identify the right solution. at the same time, in case of travel, the particular landmark can be identified, thus telling the person where the image was clicked and other details attached to the same.

There is a particular museum that uses this technology to educate the users about the artifacts that are present within.

8. Translation in Real-Time

We are consumed by languages and differentiated by the same. That’s why it is impossible to understand what the other is saying, except through gestures and non-verbal cues.

AI is trying to reform that. Not only learning but also understanding the different methods of communication will become easier with the help of this new technology. 

If you are traveling or want to understand how to say a particular phrase, then you can use mobile apps that help with translation. AI helps build algorithms that can easily translate the languages, help you write in that particular language, and work your way through new ways of communication when in a new country or place. 

Summing Up

AI is a fast-moving and well-adopted technology that will redefine how we work and conduct ourselves. Each aspect of the technology is making analysis and insight building easy.

As a result of AI, businesses are able to identify the loopholes in their system, improve productivity and enhance conversions. You know what the user is looking for, and offer them exactly what they want.

Mobile apps are suddenly gaining more traction and downloads as a result of the prominence of this technology in their solutions. 

So, whether you are developing a gaming solution or a regular content-based app, make sure you have incorporated AI for better engagement and improved conversions.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos