By Jane Hart

Years ago, if you would have asked a marketer how does AI helps in generating leads, the answer would be: what is AI? And what does marketing has to do with it?

Fast forward to 2020, marketers are not only aware of the technology but also using it to target customers to improve sales and brand visibility. Having said that, it would not to wrong to state that Artificial Intelligence no longer stands as the futuristic technology, right?

Now, talking about the inception of AI in the spectrum of marketing or to be specific email marketing, marketers are proactively investing in the technology to make the most out of their campaigns. It is seen that on average, the inbox of an employee is swamped with more than 121 emails each day. In such an event, the likelihood of a marketing email being read is least. And, hence marketers saw the need to redesign their strategies and also embed tools and techniques to improve their marketing campaigns. Here is where the concept of AI in email marketing pops into the picture.

If you are looking to get away with the traditional marketing norms and embed automation, putting AI to use would serve the purpose best. This article is designed to help you get an idea of how an AI-backed email marketing campaign would help your grab user attention and improve the conversion rate.

1. Personalization on the Go

According to a survey done by Salesforce, a personalized email has 41% higher click rates. This implies that the likelihood of the customer opening an e-mail is 41% more in case of personalized emails. And what could be better than AI to structure your customer’s content and analyze what entices them the most? Pitching customer-specific emails help you connect with them better and appeal to them to make a purchase. Using AI tools, marketers can know exactly what does a customer prefers buying and when. It tracks down the buying latter of the customer and renders significant insights so that the marketers can decide better.

For instance, if a user is a regular buyer of books, sending emails on top-picks and new-releases would compel them to visit the site, browse the options and if everything goes well, close the deal. On the other hand, if you send generic emails, hardly would a customer open the email.

2. Curative Subject Lines

The first impression is the last, right? Customized subject lines is another way to grab user attention. The fusion of deep learning AI and NLP, marketers can create, test and further optimize the subject line of emails. Around 47% of users deter opening an email if the subject line does not sound good. An efficiently curated subject line is seen to improve the click rates followed by the rate of customer conversion.

3. Determine the Time

As much as the content of the email seems important, so is the time of pitching the content. AI tools help determine the time slot when the user is most likely to click-open an email. No matter how optimized your email content is, if it’s not pitched at the right time, all your efforts go in vain. Send time optimization as the AI innovation is something that will you use algorithms to find the best time for sending emails. This in a way improves the customer brand engagement, leveraging the possibility of customers making a purchase and improving your store performance on the whole.

4. Automating Campaigns

Definitely, AI is all set to revolutionize the digital economy. Embedding automation, AI enables the email marketers to automate their marketing campaigns while optimizing it. The AI-based software as used by the marketers is capable of creating content taking help of the previously used content, images, blog posts, links, and any other relevant data. To top it all, AI also helps you put machine learning to use and draft emails that have a higher rate of engagement. As a matter of fact, you can combine content from different emails, combine several aspects to make the most out of the email marketing campaign.

5. Remarketing

In case you think that a customer that just visited your site would not leave without making a purchase, you are wrong. Apparently, not more than 2% of the users make a purchase in their first engagement. AI is an intelligent technology and is capable of determining when to pitch and email and to whom. If a customer has just left your site after adding items in the cart but without completing the order, AI tools would notify you on the same and if the campaign is automated, the tools would automatically pitch an email to the customer, reminding him/her of the items in the cart. When customers feel they care, they are more likely to revisit the site and close the deal.

The Final Word

It is no doubt that AI-backed emails own the potential to enhance the engagement rate of the customers and likewise, increase sales. All you need to do is use the right tool at the right time and to the right customer. It is just the start and day after day more and more companies are heading towards the adoption of AI in email marketing. If you are still behind, its time you too move ahead and take the leap.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos