I recently read a post about action days, and it really got me thinking. I just love the idea. It’s basically a way to force yourself into productive mode by making commitments and aligning yourself with an accountability partner or partners. The post includes a quote from Stever Robbins’ book, “9 Steps to Work Less and Do More,” that explains the concept of action days:

You and a few friends get a conference line. You agree to check in at a certain time each hour. For example, right on the hour. At each check-in, someone (you?) reads the attendance list. Each person briefly reports what they’ve done in the last hour. Then they promise what they’ll do in the next hour. Once everyone has reported, you get off the phone and go for it!

In my December issue of The Spark, I talked about three ways to make time for goal setting, and actions days make a perfect fourth option. It’s a great way to make a plan and stick to it, especially at end of the year with the holidays, vacations and an overall challenge getting any kind of significant work done.

If you set aside one or two days as action days over the next few weeks to focus on goals, business development or even your year-end wrap-up, you could position yourself to start 2011 more organized, motivated and productive. I may just give it a try myself.

Have you ever used action days? Would you?

Image credit: speedy2