Statistics show us that email marketing campaigns see higher open rates and fewer unsubscribes when we take time to thoughtfully segment our subscribers into groups with similar characteristics.

If you’re already practicing segmentation, you’ve probably established groups based on things like age, location, gender and industry. If you’re ready to take your email campaign to the next level, consider additional segmentation to develop highly customized emails with the potential to bring in even more revenue.

1. Organization Category

Lots of us provide products or services that are equally valuable to small businesses, corporations, non-profits, and franchises. But how we appeal to representatives within each of these organization types will vary. Divide your list, focusing on the most attractive benefits for each group.

2. Purchase History

By identifying which customers have made purchases from you in the past, you can take advantage of upsell opportunities for your products or services. You can also guess what new products a customer might be interested in based on the purchases they’ve made in the past.

3. Shopping Frequency

Email reminders, offers and announcements are solid methods for increasing how frequently your customers shop with you. Encourage more reluctant buyers with special offers and sales announcements while building brand loyalty with your frequent buyers.

4.  Customer Referrals

Customers who refer your business to their friends should be rewarded. Set up a special segment for these valuable buyers. Reward them with new product trials or offer codes, and then take the opportunity to request reviews from these customers who are clearly satisfied with your company.

5. Interest Topics

You can use surveys or questionnaires during the opt-in process to find out what topics your subscribers are most interested and email them only the most relevant email content. This can go a long way in preventing unsubscribes due to email overload. In fact, if you can only implement one new segment category, this is one of your best options.

6. Checkout Abandonment

Research suggests that more than 50% of shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is completed. By implementing an email campaign for this segment, you can send a reminder to shoppers. The trick is to collect the customer’s email as early as possible in the checkout process.

7.  Industry Knowledge

If you segment groups based on how much they know about the industry you’re in or the products you sell, you can customize how you nurture leads through email marketing. Highly knowledgeable segments don’t need to be bombarded with 101-level content, but those with minimal knowledge will appreciate starting with the basics.

8. Content Consumption

Keep track of how your readers consume content on your site and in your emails. Those who are more responsive to video, for example, can be given more opportunities to view embedded videos in your campaigns. Tailoring content in this way can improve response rates across the board.

These are just a few suggestions for more effectively segmenting your email subscribers. Have you discovered other effective ways to break down your subscriber list?