In yesterday’s post, we explored a list of questions to ask your customers and a few communication channels you can use to collect feedback. Once you’ve captured some customer feedback, what can you do with it?

Today, we’ll look at some of the different ways we can leverage this insightful information.

Keep in mind that the purpose here is to maintain client satisfaction – while also improving the products/services you offer.  If that’s all we achieve from asking our customers for feedback, that’s a little victory in and of itself.

However, the feedback and content you receive from customers can be leveraged in many ways to win more business.   Here are a few ideas.

1. Write a Blog Post

We’re always looking for another excuse to update the blog, right?  Compile your feedback in a fun way and publish it as a new and exciting blog post.

2. Send an Email Blast

You could send an email blast to your current customers to show them that you’re excited about their feedback.  You can share with them what you’ve learned, and what you’re going to do to further improve your services/products in the future.  You can also take this same feedback and blast it out in a newsletter format – or to your prospect list – showcasing the positive feedback you recently received from your existing customers.

3. Post on Social Media Sites

If you decide to publish the feedback on your website or blog, be sure to make an announcement about it on your social media sites.  Link back to the content on your site or blog to drive more inbound traffic.

4. Showcase Quotes

If some of the feedback you received would make for great quotes, showcase them on your testimonial page or sidebar area of your website to further your credibility.

5. Embed Video

If you were brave enough to capture customer feedback via video (either via a combination of Skype/Camtasia or Bravo Video), you can embed this content anywhere on the web – including your website, blog, social media sites, YouTube Channel, etc.  Video is one of the most effective forms of content today – so if you have a great customer video, be sure to leverage it for everything it’s worth.

Remember, when capturing customer feedback, you’ll want to keep it simple.  Be sure to use the right communication channel to capture the responses.  Then, don’t forget to leverage the positive feedback you receive.

Good luck out there! Go capture some insightful feedback!