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You would have to be living under a rock to have missed the news about frequent cyber attacks and data breaches that have been happening to companies — big and small — over the past few years.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

As a small business who may not need an enterprise solution, you may think your options are limited, and that your business would never be a target. But the truth is small businesses are often hit because they are notorious for not having security measures in place. According to a study by Hiscox, 47% of small businesses experienced at least one cyber attack in the past year, and when impacted, 65% of small businesses have failed to act following a cyber security incident.

If you are on the fence about adding a security product to your business operations, here are five reasons you should make it a priority in your business, provided in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, The World’s Most Awarded Protection.

1. Prevent Ransomware and Other Malicious Attacks

Ransomware — when access to your computer is blocked until you pay a sum of money — can be catastrophic for small businesses who may not have data properly backed up, or a way to pay the ransom without crippling the business.

2. Secure Your Financial Information

Although common and generally accepted by both businesses and consumers, online banking is not always as safe as it should be. The right security solution will help prevent financial fraud and keep all of your online banking transactions safe.

kaspersky small office security

3. Provide Safeguards for Mobile Devices

As a small business owner, you likely conduct business from your mobile device when on the go, and perhaps you have employees who do the same. How safe are their devices? What happens if the device is lost or stolen? You need to be able to lock, wipe, and locate missing devices quickly.

4. Protect Your Data

All businesses, regardless of the type, size, and industry, have sensitive data that needs to be protected. A security solution will strengthen your data backup, bolster data encryption, and secure webcams on business computers from unauthorized access.

5. Block Spam and Phishing Emails

We all rely on email for business communication on a daily basis. And while most of us are aware of the signs of phishing and other attacks, things can slip through the cracks… especially for over-scheduled small business owners. The right security solution will protect your business from malicious attempts to hijack your data or network, automatically block malicious websites, remove unsafe browser extensions, block suspicious downloads, and filter out spam and phishing emails.

The bottom line is that small business IT security should not be thought of as yet another thing you need to worry about in your business, but rather an opportunity to get peace of mind that your business is safe, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

To learn more about the importance of increasing your small business IT protection, visit Kaspersky Small Office Security. For more solutions, including the ability to protect your entire family and all of your devices, explore Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Security Cloud.

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