Some business owners tend to go for what’s in demand and needed when coming up with a store. There are moments when this works, but what if you want to be different? Is it safe to try building a company or shop that is not like the others? Yes, of course. In fact, being a little out of the common way could even lead you to success.

There are a few companies or stores that have found their desired market through their quirky and interesting offers. Some even provide services you never thought would actually gain customers. Are you already getting curious? Then, let us give you a quick tour on three strange and fun businesses that made a hit in the market.

1. The World’s Smallest Post Service


Sending letters to clients or loved ones is one of the classic forms of communication that can never be left out. Make it even more creative with Lea Redmond’s business, The World’s Smallest Post Service.

It all started when she had a nap and just thought about creating tiny letters or cards. From there, she decided to give it a go. Her post service has been around since 2008 and gained great feedback from customers.

From there, she tried other offers like sending tiny packages with small and adorable gifts inside. Lea also gets bulk orders for her custom items like wedding invitations, holiday cards and promotional mail. The best part here is she also provides shipping anywhere around the globe.

2. Superfan Suits


What could be a better way of grabbing attention at an event or party than wearing a costume made by Superfan Suits? Well, maybe none if you see how creative these suits are. Started by Adam Freck and Andrew Volk with only $90, Superfan Suits are made out of bright colored spandex. And these outfits can cover you from head to toe, which makes it more eye-catching.

Since they started in 2008, the business has continued to improve adding up new styles of suits offered in their website. You never know, you might even see these costumes in retail stores sometime soon.

3. Rent-A-Chicken

Taking care of chickens right in your backyard and getting fresh eggs for breakfast can be a dream for some. Now, you can turn that into reality through the help of Rent-A-Chicken. This business is owned by Leslie Suitor who owns chickens, of course. Since the day the ordinance in Traverse City, MI allowed hens for every city parcel, Leslie started garnering interest into how she takes care of these animals.

Shortly after, she started Rent-A-Chicken that provides a package with 4×8 coop, food, feeder, roost, nesting box and two chickens. They’ll take your rental to your place in summertime then return to collect everything by fall. There’s an option to purchase the chickens if you want as well. Up until now, this business is booming and gaining praises from people living in Traverse City.

With these innovative examples, you can already imagine what a little creativity can do for a business. You just need to think outside of the box and try something new. As you can see here, people notice the different and the interesting — and that’s what your business can offer. Who knows, you might even make it on our list next time.


Image credits:
San Diego Shooter