Jack Nadel, at the age of 87, has written his fourth business book, “Use What You Have To Get What You Want: 100 Basic Ideas That Mean Business.” We were fortunate enough to receive a copy to review for our readers.

The book, a collection of 100 basic business ideas, will not overwhelm you with its size. But it is tightly packed with ideas that should help you and your business, if you choose to implement them.

It’s easy, digestible reading. Each idea is presented on its own page with an explanation of that idea and a real world example of it from Jack’s business experiences. Some of the ideas should be quite obvious to more experienced entrepreneurs, but they should be committed to memory by those just starting out. They also serve as a refresher for seasoned veterans.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from the book (in no particular order but with relevance to the theme of the Bonfire community):

  1. You don’t have to be an S.O.B. to be a success in business (#79).
  2. Perceived value is what sells – real value is what repeats (#30).
  3. Take calculated risks (#3).
  4. When looking for advice, talk to someone who’s done it successfully (#8).
  5. If I give you a dollar, and you give me a dollar, we each have a dollar. If I give you an idea, and you give me an idea, we each have two ideas (#100).

I really liked the format of the book, as it made it easy to read in short bursts, and didn’t require me to sit down with several hours of dedicated time to read it. It delivers on its promises, especially if you get the chance to read it multiple times (strongly recommended) for multiple “ah-ha” moments.

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